Would you go into a car sales room and tell the salesman you are not leaving without a car? To take No Deal off the table means the other side has all the advantage and can blackmail you.
Most people who voted Brexit want a No Deal with WTO rules. If Politicians had any integrity then they would resign and we would get No Deal and leave the EU on the date voted on by Brexit. Politicians care more about their party’s than the people democratic right. Democracy is an illusion as they vote according to what the Whip says. In the E.U M.E.P’s can’t make any laws they just sign off laws handed to them by unelected Eurocrats.
The Knights Templars were the first International Bankers and it is these elite bankers that rule our planet not politicians. Most M.P’s are pro-EU and this is the hub of the issue. They tell us that Brexiteers never realised how hard it would be to leave, it is only so because of these saboteurs.
We have traitors in parliament but also on every street driving around in German cars and buying French cheese and buying fast food from American fast food places. It is time to help your fellow British man not the global elite.

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