Gods chosen people

There is good and bad in all religions. Yet when the Roman Empire existed some Jews followed the Roman Army around to buy and then sell the captured slaves in other parts of the empire. Jews also owned many of the slave ships carrying Africans to America and also owned these African slaves in America. American politics are dominated by Israel and most American mainstream media companies like Fox and CNN are owned by Jewish families. We never get to hear about the 20 million Christians killed in Russia by Bolsheviks who were mainly Jewish. There is evidence in some parts of the world of Jews sacrificing children for their religion. We also must note that many who consider themselves Jewish have no Jewish DNA but are descended from Khazars.

There is no evidence that Moses parted the red sea it is just a fairy story. There is no legal claim that Israel belongs to the Jews. Jews consider themselves Gods chosen people!  This means they see the rest of us as Goyem.

We must be free to criticise all religions and have the real truth of history revealed. The Germans only began to hate the Jews after World War 1 when they found out about the Balfour agreement. Israel belongs to the Rothschild’s.

The school of Frankfurt that moved to America during World War 2 is behind Cultural Marxism and most original members were Jews. They wanted to make the west so corrupt it stank. When I see Israel opening its doors to the thousands of refugees in that part of the world I might think differently about Israel. Yet all White lands are expected to diversify but not Arab, Asian or African.

They will probably say I am anti-Semitic for writing this yet the word Semite just means a group of languages including Arabic and Jewish.



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