Grenfell – fraud

Over 30 people have been charged with fraud regarding the Grenfell fire. Surely if I said I was Mr Jones living in Flat 22. The council must have had a list of the residents of each flat. If this was Mr Smith at 22 then either the flat was being sub let or the tenant is bogus and thus a fraudster. Yet some of these fraudsters could not give the floor which the flat was on. So why were they homed in hotels and given free credit cards for free meals? They need to have all assets seized to pay for this fraud and pay for bed and lodging whilst in prison.  Why are those sub letting not facing convictions? There are many social housing stocks all over the UK is being sub let.

Then we must ask how many in Grenfell were working. Many seem to come from outside the EU and where they come from they would not get social housing, welfare or a free NHS. So why does the UK not only home economic migrants but house them in the most expensive areas of London.

London only got the Olympics as it has been turned into a multi-cultural hell hole where the English are now an ethnic minority.  The result of this open door immigration is moped gangs and knife crimes in our capital city. The welfare system has created a whole generation of young boys being brought up with an unemployed mother and no father.

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