housing and welfare

My brother married a lady originally from Morocco. After she was married she sold the council house she owned and sent the money to Morocco from the sale of the house to her parents.

She then divorced my brother, tried to get a share in the home he owned, and was given a new council house as she now had a new name! She was not working so would have been getting welfare, rent and council tax paid.

When I was made redundant I had to sell my flat, I could not get and welfare or any help with my rent on my new flat as I had money in the bank from the sale. So all the money I ever worked for and put into a mortgage was slowly used up. I found it very hard to get a job that would pay my rent of £525 a month. The council banned me from applying for social housing. In the end once my money was used up they ended up paying my full rent. Yet my mortgage was only £210 a month and only had a few years left to run. Now most of my wage goes in paying my rent.

The council said to me if i moved to a cheaper flat they would pay the moving costs as a one off payment. I did yet they then said as i had a job at the time this didn’t count. I ended up paying moving costs, double rents for 2 months and other costs associated with buying white goods and decoratng. Even worse between Sept and December 2016 I had no money comming in and Universal credits stoped my money in September, only 2 years later did they dmit they were in the wrong. yet i had to pay full council tax even though not working and the council have never refunded me even though UC said they informed council of their error.

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