How to Fight the New World order.

They have power over us using the financial systems.

You must consume as little as possible.

Grow your own food where possible. Cook your own food. Try not to use fast food outlets. Make your own clothes. Don’t get money on credit or buy things you can’t afford. Don’t try and keep up with the Jones.

Expose the Rothschild’s, Zionists, Jesuits, Rockefeller’s, Black Pope and secret societies. Many of the rich elite are behind most wars like the Illuminati and have the deaths of millions on their heads. They control the drug smuggling and oil, gold etc. They even concrete over diamonds to keep the price high – supply and demand.

We outnumber the Rothschild’s so surround their castles and starve them out.

American Presidents get cash from Israel. It is Jewish Supremacy they believe god gave world just to them the sons of Abraham that is the number one issue. Bolsheviks were 70 percent Jewish and killed 60 million Christians. Jews owned slave boats carrying Africans to America. Jews followed Roman army and purchased white slaves to sell on at profit. Jews hate Germans and English as we invented most modern things – they make money from bank loans and wars. Rothschild bankers must be kicked out of the temple just like Jesus did.


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