Illegal migrants

Illegal immigration into Britain is rising by 70,000 every year, as campaigners brand figures ‘scandalous’

  • The Home Office says there are around 430,000 people living in the UK illegally
  • Most of those have over-stayed visas or sneaked into the UK through Europe
  • The total number including those who have escaped deportation is one million 

Illegal immigration into Britain is rising by 70,000 a year, a damning report has claimed.

The figure includes foreigners who have over-stayed visas, failed asylum seekers and migrants who have sneaked into the UK in the back of lorries.

But it does not cover criminals who have escaped deportation. It is believed the total number of illegal immigrants in the country stands at more than a million.

The MigrationWatch think-tank, which produced the new study, said the statistics were a ‘scandal’.

Publicly the Home Office insists it is impossible to give an accurate figure for people living here unlawfully. The last estimate by the department – from 2001 – was 430,000.

However, former Home Office chief David Wood last year admitted Britain was home to more than a million illegal migrants.

MigrationWatch has now used official statistics to calculate the number living under the radar. They may be working in the black economy, not paying taxes and illegally claiming benefits.

Researchers estimated there were 83,600 potential over-stayers a year.

Another 12,850 migrants were thought to be sneaking into Britain hidden in trucks, cars and trains, while 8,500 failed asylum seekers had not left the country.

This meant a total of 104,950 migrants staying in the UK without permission each year.

But only 35,000 on average annually were removed or deported, said MigrationWatch.

The net rise in illegal immigration totals 70,000 a year – a staggering 700,000 over the course of a decade. MigrationWatch acknowledged that the figures were a ‘rough estimate’.

But Lord Green, the group’s chairman, said: ‘The scale of illegal immigration to Britain is a scandal that has gone on for too long.

‘It undermines public acceptance of genuine refugees and is damaging to community relations generally.’

The report recommended a £100million boost to immigration enforcement, a major increase in the size of detention centres and the introduction of identity cards.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘We do not recognise the estimate provided by MigrationWatch UK. We are committed to reducing the size of the illegal population.

‘When someone has no leave to remain in the UK, we expect them to leave the country voluntarily. Where they do not, we will seek to enforce their departure.’

In my town just on the Wellingborough Road you will find loads of economic migrants mainly Africans working in hairdressers – I wont use any of the barbers even if cheaper than English shops I won’t put money in their pockets. I also try and avoid any fast food shop with words Halal on window. If Government cared about illegal migration they could stop it by raiding every fast food shop, car wash and nail shopd in Londonistan a place where English are now an ethnic minority. We have more National Insurance numbers than people living in the Uk and some people are claiming welfare using more than one alias – it is easy to get fake passports. We need a good ID card that encrypts your name, place of birth and date of birth to create a unique ID. Photo could also be stored on card. And people could have choice to add medical details which may save their lives. no one should be able to get welfare or free NHS treatment without this new encrypted ID card. People could not use fake ID’s as database would also encrypt the photo part and software used to find duplicate matches. anyone committing fraud would lose the right to welfare and free NHS treatment.

Old Army bases could be used to hold illegals their bank accounts and assets seized. No phones or lawyers or TV’s would be allowed onArmy camp and only basic food. If they agree to go back home they could be paid £5000.



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