Secret plot to keep Britain in EU: Blair, Major and Clegg travel Europe in bid to stop Brexit by asking leaders to allow UK more time to hold a second vote

  • Ex-Labour PM Tony Blair has met Michel Barnier and other European politicians 
  • Former Lib Dem leader Mr Clegg said the ‘atmosphere has changed’ since 2016 
  • They have sought to persuade EU leaders that the UK’s exit could be postponed

Tony Blair, John Major and Nick Clegg have been travelling around Europe to persuade the continent’s leaders to put a stop to Brexit, it has emerged.

The former party leaders – one from each of the UK’s three largest parties – have met heads of government and senior ministers from Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands in recent weeks.

They have reportedly sought to persuade EU leaders that ‘the atmosphere has changed’ since the 2016 referendum and that Britain needed to postpone its departure to allow more time for negotiations and a possible second vote.

Mr Clegg, who has joined the two former PMs in their ‘shuttle diplomacy’, said current British politics had made it ‘viable’ for the UK’s exit to be stopped, the Guardian reported.

He has also met senior German politicians Peter Altmeier and Sigmar Gabriel, and the People’s Vote campaign he works wit has appointed former EU commission official Tom Cole as a liaison with Brussels’s diplomatic missions in London.

Mr Blair – who today repeated a call for a second referendum – spoke with Italy’s hardline interior minister Matteo Salvini and has also met senior figures in Germany and Austria.

Their discussions have reportedly been fed back to a group of pro-Remain MPs who meet on Wednesdays in gatherings chaired by Labour’s Chuka Umunna.

One source said the group was not trying to ‘subvert’ negotiations but was trying to provide EU leaders with information about British politics which did not come from Whitehall.

As a former European Commission employee Mr Clegg worked closely with some of Michel Barnier’s negotiating team.

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