The Institute of Directors (IOD) is pro-EU this is because migration has kept wages down so the business owners get richer and richer. This is also why a lot of companies love the EU. Migration has always been used as a tool by Government to keep the working man’s wages down. More people coming into the country means more jobs as somebody has to supply the food and goods to the new people. The losers are the British working man who can’t get jobs to pay the bills. Migrants often share homes with at least 6 migrants in to keep rents down. They send money back home. They also have houses and bank accounts back home but these are never admitted to the DHSS and the local councils.

The big winners for bogus asylum claims are the lawyers who have become millionaires by delaying them from being deported. They even stop foreign criminals being deported and are now involved in suing British Army soldiers all using Legal Aid which comes from the British Taxpayer. Most None-EU migrants are all young men and many Muslims and Africans. We have seen rapes of white women increase and grooming of very young girls as a result. We have also seen more gun and knife crime and robberies and drug dealing. We have also seen Africans looting and rioting. We didn’t see white people rioting even though they lived in poor housing and never had jobs for several years.

We have seen sheep being stolen from our countryside and Carp stolen from our rivers. Immigrants don’t put their rubbish sacks out for collection. They often come first in the social housing lists and get welfare, free education for their children, free NHS. They are getting far more from the system than they ever put in. We have old people from India moving to the UK and African women coming here to have babies or Africans with HIV coming to get free drug treatment. The UK has become a very soft touch. We should have never given any African asylum as Africa has plenty of safe lands. Now migrants in France can use Human Rights to get Asylum in the UK if they have family members living here. The more that get asylum then the more cash will be sent back home and more economic migrants will head here. How many people will our very small island let in? The English are already an ethnic minority in Londonistan and several other places in the UK. We give millions in Foreign Aid to Africa but also money for aid to the EU. The EU costs us £50 million a day. The EU has destroyed our fishing, car and steel industries.

ISIS has never attacked Israel only enemies of Israel like Hamas. The founding fathers of the EU were all rich Zionists. Their master plan is to replace the white European race with none Europeans whom they can control. The Zionist’s own much of the world’s media and banking industry and the Federal Reserve in the USA is controlled by Zionists. Zionist killed millions of white Christians in Russia and Ukraine and other places yet we never get to hear about these war crimes.


Genuine Syrian refugee’s say we should be doing more checks for their safety as well as ours. We should only take in refugees from camps. They should be tested to see if they can speak Arabic, have proper documentation and take a DNA test. Migrants travelling through safe countries should be returned home and ideally not be helped to get to European soil. When Israel had athletes killed at the Berlin Olympics Mossad got involved. Mossad sent a black ops team to Europe and tracked down all the terrorists and wiped them out. Instead of giving so much of our money away in Foreign Aid perhaps we should give money to Mossad to track down the terrorists within Europe.

Many young women don’t want to work as they would rather bring up children. Also many young men would rather play computer games all day. Why should people who have no interest in working get Job Seekers Allowance? In Victorian England those who could not support themselves had to go into a workhouse. The irony is a single mum with 4 children can get more in welfare and a much larger social house than she ever could get if she worked and got a mortgage. Men who have been to University won’t be able to get a mortgage unless they get a very well paid job. Most of their wages will go in paying their rents, council tax, student loan back and utility bills. If such a man saves for a mortgage but then loses his job but has £5,000 saved in his bank account then the council won’t pay his full rent so he will lose the dream of saving for his own property.  Also those who have mortgages but lose their jobs have to sell their homes due to the DHSS only paying mortgage interest. Then because he has money from the sale of home he won’t get any help towards his rent and the council will never offer him a social flat. This puts you in a trap as private rents are much higher than council rents, so you need to get a job that will pay the rent. The council only pay £17 a week towards your rent if you work. The welfare state is destroying this country it is what is attracting so many economic migrants who know we will give them welfare, social housing and a free NHS. Japan and China are doing so well simply because they have no welfare state so everybody studies hard to get a good job. Most refugees seem to be all young men and not a demographic mix and also they have passed through many safe lands to get to the UK. Africa has plenty of safe lands for refugees to claim asylum in and Saudi Arabia is closer to Syria than Germany. Our Government needs to take a good look at our asylum policies and the pull factor of our welfare state and social housing. It seems to me that those who put less into the pot take the most out. Is this socialism or social engineering?


The reason England has snakes but Ireland does not is due to the fact that England was still connected to Spain after the Ice age had finished. A lot of English DNA can be traced to these Neolithic farmers who crossed from Spain into England. We must remember that once there was only one giant continent. Europeans did not come out of Africa but where forced to migrate there as temperatures dropped. We know where England was originally because when Basalt forms the Iron crystals line up with the earth’s magnetic poles.

Before the Germanic invasions

Celts – Prior to the Germanic invasions Britain was inhabited by various Celtic tribes who were united by common speech, customs, and religion. Each tribe was headed by a king and was divided by class into Druids (priests), warrior nobles, and commoners. The lack of political unity made them vulnerable to their enemies. During the first century, Britain was conquered and subjugated by Rome. During the next three hundred years, Rome legions provided the politically discordant Britons the protection necessary to secure the country from attack.

Migration of the Germanic speaking people

When Britain gained “independence” from Rome in the year 410ce, the Roman legions withdrew leaving the country vulnerable to invaders. Soon after the withdrawal of Roman troops, inhabitants from the north began attacking the Britons. In response to these attacks, individual towns sought help from the Foedarati, who were Roman mercenaries of German origin, for the defence of the northern parts of England. As the legend has been told, a man named Hengest arrived on the shores of Britain with “3 keels” of warriors in 450ce. This event is known in Latin as the “adventus Saxonum,” or the coming of the Saxons. At this time, the Foedarati stopped defending Britain and began conquering the territories on the southern and eastern shores of the country. These invaders drove the Britons to the north and west. The Saxons called the native Britons, ‘wealas’, which meant foreigner or slave, and from this term came the modern word Welsh. Eight to ten years later many British aristocrats (Celts) and city dwellers began migrating to Brittany, an event known as the second migration.

Although there were many different Germanic tribes migrating to England, several stood out from among the others, such as the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians, and Franks. (Anglo-Saxon map) The Angles migrated from Denmark and the Saxons from northern Germany. There is some debate as to the exact origin of the Jutes, since linguistic evidence suggests that they came from the Jutland peninsula, while archaeological evidence suggests an origin from one of the northern Frankish realms near the mouth of the Rhine River. The Frisians and Franks migrated mainly from the Low Countries and north-western Germany.

During the sixth and seventh centuries these Germanic invaders started to carve out kingdoms, fighting both the native Britons and each other for land. First called Saxons, the German invaders were later referred to as Angles, and in the year 601ce the pope referred to Aethelbert of Kent as Rex Anglorum (“king of the Angles”). As time passed, the differences between the Germanic tribal cultures gradually unified until eventually they ceased referring to themselves by their individual origins and became either Anglo-Saxon or English. (map of England 650-750)

As Old English began to evolve, four major dialects emerged which were Kentish, spoken by the Jutes, West Saxon, the Saxon dialect, and Northumbrian and Mercian, subdivisions of the dialect spoken by the Angles. By the 9th century, partly through the influence of King Alfred, the West Saxon dialect became prevalent in literature which aided the dialect’s dominance among scholars.

The Roman’s built a wall at the top of England to stop the Pict tribes invading but the Saxons re-used these stones for Churches and Abbeys. English history is biased as Mercia was the largest Saxon territory but was Pagan. Northumberland was Christian. Since Monks wrote all the history in the dark ages they favoured the Christian Saxons.

The word Man is made of two words M = Me and AN = to breath. This word is the same in Icelandic and Swedish. The oldest Anglo-Saxon epic is also set in Scandinavia.  The original English flag was a white flag with a red dragon on it and also the Swedish flag had a dragon on it.

Vikings took Irish girls back to the slave markets in Iceland. When DNA was sequenced in England. Samples were taken of various men who had lived in the same location, as their grant parents.

By looking at the Y-Chromosome you only need to look at half the DNA. The findings showed that those on the Shetlands, Isle of Man and Dublin had a lot of Norwegian Viking DNA. Most English DNA still comes from the Spanish Basque region, we have a lot of French DNA but most of this predates the Norman Conquest. We also have about 25 percent German DNA.

Overall the Vikings, Romans, Normans have had little impact on our DNA. Most of our DNA is still Celtic in origin from Spain / France.

The new English flag is that of Saint George – he was a Christian in the Roman army before he led a rebellion. His head was cut off and his blood ran between the white flagstones – hence a red cross on a white background. Saint George is often shown fighting a dragon this is just a metaphor for the Holy Roman Empire or Catholic Church. Germany also has a Saint George and dragon myth but here the dragon represents Bohemia.

When Henry the 8th was in power and English man left England to live in Cologne where he translated the New Testament into English from Greece upsetting the Catholic Church. Henry sent spy’s to German to try and capture William Tyndale but failed. German merchants began to bring the English bible to England and some where even paraded to St Pauls. Tyndale also wrote a pamphlet on the divine right of kings. When Henry wanted a divorce because his wife gave him no children the pope said no but Henry just said I am the King of England. This started the reformation and destruction of Catholic churches in England and the beginning of the Protestant Church of England. Tyndale was eventually captured in Germany by the popes’ guard and burnt alive as a heretic. But now people could see the priest had made up their own laws and they were not Gods law.

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