In 2010 Germans polled 47 percent said “Islam does not belong in Germany” by 2016 this figure was 60 percent. The political classes of Europe the solution was not to clamp down on the things the public are objecting to but the objecting public.

When British Soldiers on return from Afghanistan marched through Luton the group al-Muhajiroun heckled them calling them baby killers and murderers. The Police protected these extremists.

Al-Mahajiroun were allowed to hand out flyers and posters in Mosques without impunity but locals opposed to this group were prevented by the police if they tried to hand out leaflets.

Abdul Qadeer Baksh, Luton Islamic Centre, works with local M.P’s and politicians. He believes Islam to be in a war with Jews, in an ideal society homosexuals would be killed and women lashed. Yet Police never raided his home. Yet EDL leader Tommy Robinson had home raided, computer stolen, and they wanted to pin the label of Nazi on him whatever he did. European Governments avoided finding Islamic extremists guilty but any movement opposed to them they went out of their way to find guilty. Any criticism of Islam or terrorism or gang rape will be met with calls of racism, xenophobia or bigotry. Anyone who criticises the critics is elevated to the position of anti-Nazi.

One of the killers of Lee Rigby had spoken at an anti-fascist rally. Muslim extremists had threatened to kill EDL members for telling the truth. Anti-fascist idiots in my home town stopped Nigel Farage from giving a speech; they often use violence and act more fascistic than fascists.

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