Israel controls America

In 1967, Israel occupied Syria’s Golan Heights. Israel and the Rothschild’s wanted to steal the Syrian oil that had been found there. The exploration companies were a subsidiary of Genie Energy. Jacob Rothschild is a part owner of Genie Energy. Other owners of Genie Energy are Dick Cheney. 750,000 Palestinian’s have been removed from their homes thanks to Israel.

During the 1967 war Israel had a plan to detonate a nuclear device in Egypt’s Sinai desert. Itzhak Yaakov was given a two year suspended sentence for trying to disclose this plan. So we know if Arab countries fight back then Israel will nuke them. In June 1967 Israel attacked the U.S.S Liberty killing 34 crew members and wounding 174. Surviving crew members were threatened with court martial. US President Johnson refused to defend the attack on the U.S.S Liberty now Israel has a free hand to wage aggressive wars.

Ariel Sharon said “We the Jewish people control America, and Americans know it.”

Israel gets this $15 billion from the USA per year this is because Rothschild Zionists in USA give to the other hand Rothschild Zionists in Israel.

Jews make up 2 percent of the American population but 90 percent of the Presidents Administration.

All American Presidents have to be loyal to AIPAC [America Israel Public Affairs Committee] and carry out its orders.

Congressmen and Senators pledge loyalty to Israel not America.

Trumps top donors were all Ashkenazic Jews:-

Sheldon Adelson $23 million

Miriam Adelson $23 million

Robert Mercer $15.5 million

Bernard Marcus $7 million

Pro-Israel institutions in America have allocated $4.25 million to buy the minds of Senate and Congress members. So it is not Russia trying to influence elections in America it is Israel.



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