EU boss spending colossal £10,000 a MONTH of YOUR cash

But receipts of the European Commission President’s spending are being kept secret to protect his “privacy

Unlike in the UK, where officials disclose receipts showing how they spend public money, EU chiefs have fought long battles to keep detailed breakdowns of their expenses secret.

Under Commission regulations, we requested details of Juncker’s expenses between January and the end of June last year.

After initially refusing our request, EU chiefs revealed how he racked up an expenses bill of 66,914 euros – the equivalent of about £60,000 – during the six-month period.

According to the papers, Juncker carried out 26 “missions” during this time and incurred huge travel, accommodation and other expenses.

A whopping £42,900 was claimed for transport, £11,300 went on accommodation, £2,600 on daily allowances and £3,190 on “miscellaneous” costs.

Trips included a visit to London for dinner with Theresa May.

But details of exactly what Juncker put on hospitality and subsistence expenses during the six months have been kept secret.

Under the Commission’s regulations, we requested receipts and bills for the hospitality and subsistence claims made by the former Luxembourg Prime Minister.

But EU chiefs refused to disclose the documents to protect the “privacy and integrity” of Juncker, who says the UK will come to “regret” the decision to leave the EU.

The latest revelations come after it emerged Juncker spent £23,000 on a private jet trip to Rome last year.

The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and his team racked up a bill of £24,450 by chartering a private plane for a one-night visit to Rome, campaigners have revealed.

The fee for the “air taxis” which commissioners are supposed to charter only when there are no commercial options available was part of almost half a million euro bill accumulated by the 28 commissioners in January and February 2016.

Spanish-based human rights group Access Info spent several years trying to obtain detailed information about EU officials’ expenses and following an official request, the Commission released the travel expenses documents.

The private jet from Brussels to Rome was used by Mr Juncker and an eight-people delegation in February 2016.

CIVIL SERVANTS WHO WORK for the EU are given credit cards for expenses but never have to show any receipts for what they spend the cash on – most likely hookers and champagne in Strasbourg.

MEP’s can turn up for work and get paid then just go straight home just like House of Lords in the UK.

MEP’s can’t make any laws they just sign laws off, these are passed to them from unelected beurocrats.

you will never change the EU it was all planned by Count Kalergi and mass migration from outside the EU for the purpose of white genocide and to create a new mixed slave race to serve the Zionist banking families like the Rothschilds.

America only joined WW1 becasue of the Balfour agreement where Britain would hand over Palistine to the Rothchild Zionists.

Rockefeller familie business helped Hitler during the war without this help London could never have been bombed, Shell oil supplied the petrol for German tanks to invade Holland.

Rockefellers helped form the UN and EU at a secret meeting of the Bilderburgs – it is just another stepping stone to the New World Order planned by the Illuminati in 1776 the data on the American Dollar in Roman Numerals. time to wake up folks.

SO it it no wonder i dont like the EU.

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