Just today in UK Afghan Asylum seeker killed 2 female Syrian Asylum seekers

No Western European country has played a major role in destabilizing Syria or prolonging the war. Those that have Qatar and United Arab Emirates and others pay no humanitarian price. Iranian militias have been fighting in Syria and have the gall to say we are not helping the refugees. Syria is a proxy was between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iran’s President lectured the Hungarian Ambassador to Iran over alleged shortcomings. Saudi Arabia has not made one Syrian a citizen. Saudi also has 100,000 air conditioned tents that it won’t let refugees use. In 2015 Saudi did help build 200 new Mosques in Germany as they also do in the Bible belt of the USA. It is conquest by religion.

In 2016 the UN accused the Eritrean Government of committing crimes against humanity, thousands of Eritreans protested outside the UN building in Geneva. I thought they were fleeing a Government they could not live under not support it?

British MOD now says intervening abroad almost impossible as we live in a multi-cultural society that would not gain support as families have people in these lands. We had more British Muslim join ISIS than the British Army!

A Black Lives Matter march had them chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” at our police. British police don’t carry guns! One BLM protestor stabbed a police officer. Police now won’t stop and search young black men for fear of being called racists the result is black on black knife crime increasing. A white man is far more likely to be attacked by a black man than visa versa if you take population percentage into account. Being poor is no excuse for lack of morality. Perhaps it is our society that has become too decadent and all about pleasure often though spending money. But once people have what they desire they will find something is still missing.

When an Algerian Muslim publishes an article on sex attacks in Cologne he gets criticised by sociologists, historians and others who call him Islamophobic.

Muslims who come here and stand up for Western ideals of free speech have been castigated by their co-religionists and dropped by European society.

Liberals, who welcome everybody and say all cultures are the same, will soon find out when these cultures become the majority that not only will their Liberal ideals be destroyed but some Liberals who enjoy same sex relationships or believe in female equality will also be destroyed. Fundamental Islam is far worse than any fascism we have ever seen before. The moderates in Islam’s past have never been able to change it.  Our Society does nothing to stop the Imam’s calling for death from their Mosques each week.



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