Law and Disorder

We live in a country where people get mobility cars but then give them to other family members to use. We have people given disabled badges but once again they let other people use them. We have people riding around on stolen mopeds or without insurance in their cars. We have people signing on using more than one name. We have others claiming to be carers when their partners take separate holidays.  We have people sub-letting out social housing and others claiming to be single mothers yet letting fathers of their children sleep with them. We have those being unfaithful to their partners. Every day on the motorway thousands are breaking the speed limits and contraband flowing from city to city.

Yet in other countries if you drive a moped you have to have the licence plate on your vest or the Police shoot you. In other countries those in jail have to pay for food and in some are put 10 to a cell with no bed and just a bucket. In the USA one man who ran a prison only gave inmates one TV channel [Disney]. They had to wear pink boiler suits and break rocks each day. No one returned to his jail yet we have career criminals that go in and out of our jails. In some countries they have an eye for an eye law. Those attacking people with acid would not do this in these countries. In old times if you stole a sheep you had to pay back the shepherd 10 sheep. Yet we have whole fields of sheep being stolen.


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