Shamima Begum named her baby Jarrah. What a beautiful name to be named after Abu Bin Jarrah who was a 13th Century Jihadi Warlord who butchered and chopped heads off people. Yet the liberals wanted them welcomed back as British citizens. A dog born in a stable is not a horse!

The same Liberals and Liberal Judges would just give drug gang members and knife killers a slap on the wrist. I would not I would bring back the rack for drug gang members and stretch them until they revealed names. The Kingpins then would be welded into a small cage and this cage suspended in the drug gang neighbourhood. They could witness his screams as he slowly died of starvation. My method would stop these gangs within a few years. The liberals just create a system we pay for to keep them in a cushy jail. We live in a land where none workers are rewarded with free housing and free NHS yet society expects anything in return. No wonder so many people have no morality or duty to our communities. Another way knife crime may be reduced is move these thugs next to the homes of the liberal judges, wait for them to kill a member of the judge’s family. Most Judges are just money exchanging people the same sort of people that Jesus kicked out of the temple.



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