Life of Mo

Mo was born with the name Mustapha Camel

His Dad was a pig farmer

As a young boy Mustapha would carry the bacon down to the market on his head, he could carry far more than other boys as very strong.

the boys teased him and called him more- bacon -head! over they years this name was shortened to mohamhead

then as a young man MO went into a cave.

as anyone knows going into a dark room for 300 hours opens the 3rd eye

in this cave Mo met a Jinn (Genie) this demon told Mo to write things down.

Mo said NO

Jinn made Mo feel a lot of pain

Mo gave in and wrote things down

Mo left cave and went up on cliffs and tried to kill himself

comming down to his family his sister in law said that was no Demon it was the arch angel Gabriel

So the religion of Islam was started and was a peaceful spiritual religion with about 30 followers

then Mo thought if he could convert the Jews then others would follow this new religion

so Mo changed this religion and added things like getting circumsised and not eating pork

yet Jews at Medinna would not join his new cult – so Islam then became a religion of conquest. Mo ordered all the men and boys above age of pubety to be killed at Medina – he made his 9 year old wife Ayesha watch.

He then took Jewish woman whose husbands he had just killed to be his wives (slaves?)

The only people who knew Mohammeds religion was him and a few of his soldiers this religion was kept in their heads not on paper. Yet after Mo dies another Muslim sent orders for all holy papers to be collected. Just like the priests who made the Bible he just put into the Koran what he thought people would accept – he then ordered all the other holy papers to be destroyed. The Koran is like photocopying paper after the same paper it is a translitteration just like the Bible. It is not the word of Mohammed or the Jinn.

Muslims tried to invade Europe but were stopped at the Gates of Vienna – hence Europeans eat croissants.

Now under Islam they regard any none member of this cult is regarded as an infidel and infidel women can be abused. we see this happening all over europe. we don’t see sikhs doing this only muslims.

Salmon Rushdie wrote Satanic verses but this is Goblegook I cant even read the first page. So these Muslims must be far more intelligent than me. We had Life of Brian take the piss out of Christianity but Christians didn’t kill. Yet publish a few cartoons about mo-bacon-head and muzzies are blowing their lids. Write Satanic verses they put fatwa on you.

even wearing a rag over your face is not in the koran!! show me where koran says this. Koran says live under the laws of the country you live in – so why do Muslims want to bring in Sharia Laws not respect British Laws. If you want Sharia go and live in Saudi Arabia.

This page will be removed when attacks on none muslim women by muslim men stop. I dont give that much hope.






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