John Cleese is stating the obvious when he says London is not an English City. There is a simple saying a Dog born in a stable is not a Horse. Some people can’t seem to see a differance with Nationality, Race and Religion.
Anybody living in the UK is British, as by law they are British by Nationality. My Coat of Arms clearly states my name is of Anglo-Saxon origin; so by Race I am English but by Nationality British. If I move abroad I can’t change my race but my Nationality will change. A Chinese man converting to Islam does not become an Arab he just is a Chinese Muslim. When people say British born in London outnumber Foreign born, this is not taking into account the race just nationality. I will concede that I won’t be 100% English as I will have some Viking and Flemish DNA also. You must remember that Anglo-Saxon is a Generic word for Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians and some smaller tribes – who stretched from the North of Holland to Denmark. Anglo-Saxons were used as Mercenaries in Poland. Anglo-Saxon buildings can be found in Translavania. Mo Farah can win a Gold for Britain but his race is not British – these were the Celts. The Scots are an Irish tribe who moved to the North after the Picts vacated this land. It was the Labour Government that allowed open door migration, lowering wages and causing white flight as crime increased in the capital. Sweden had hardly any rapes but then let in thousands of migrants – now statistics show rape by Swedish on Swedish gone up a vast amount. Do people fall for the lies and believe the men doing this are ethnic Swedes? There has been a big attack on Christian values by Cultural Marxists because Communism was not victorious. Adverts too try to encourage race mixing. The truth on the Bolshevik Revolution has never been told. Marx and Trotsky are not their real names. Clues to the race of a person include how they look, what language they speak, genetic markers. The word man is the same in English and Swedish. The original English flag was red with a white dragon, the original Sedish flag also had a dragon.

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