Lots of the great unwashed anti-trump idiots demonstating in Londonistan.

Most of those demonstating against President Trump are Left Wing Communist types. A couple of years ago they stopped Nigel Farage giving a talk in my town of Northampton. They act like fascists and often use violence against people with an opposite view point. If you try and debate with them about how many people killed by their Commmunist idols they won’t or don’t seem to know history. Under Communism you are a slave as the state owns everything and you can’t grow your own food. These Left Wing types don’t care as under our system they are given free housing, rents paid and council tax paid. They get to use the NHS for free. Yet they never contribute to society. They are just parastes. We need a Government that will clamp down on this freeloading culture. These demonstators will have cost normal people who work a lot of money paid through our taxes. They call trump a racist but what about all the Americans killed by illegal migrants entering America. Europe is now witnessing a rape epidemic thanks to the open borders these Communists love.

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