lunatics running the Asylum

During the Second World War most of Europe was under Nazi control. It was thus right for Britain to offer asylum to refugees because they had no safe country they could live in.
Now we have the situation where Africa has plenty of safe lands yet Europe is granting these people asylum. They are all economic migrants. The UN rules say refugees must claim asylum in the first safe country. This will be another country closer to home in Africa not Europe.
These economic migrants know that if they reach the UK they will never be returned. They even destroy paperwork to stall this process. So what does the UK do? We give them free accommodation, welfare, child benefits and free access to our NHS.
We need to get tough and end asylum it is impossible to get to the UK without passing through a safe land. We should seize all assets of refuges and deport them back to their country of origin. DNA tests can establish the country of origin.
I can’t understand why the EU wants to establish clearing camps in Africa when all African migrants are economic it is just that the safe lands have no welfare. British taxpayers already have far too much money taken from us in Foreign Aid to help Africa. This makes Africans richer so then they can afford to migrate. Why can’t Saudi Arabia take Muslim refugees who want to live under Sharia Law?

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