mass migration

Bombshell’ population growth in Africa means Europe is entering an “unprecedented” age of mass migration, Emmanuel Macron has said, asserting that the two continents’ destinies are “bound”.

In a recent TV appearance Macron announced that ” The migratory phenomenon we are facing will be historic”, and referred to various issues including poverty, climate change, and geopolitical conflicts that would see to Africans flooding into Europe well into the future.

When Macron spoke of the “bombshell” population growth within Africa he added that the growth was “tremendously well described” by Stephen Smith a professor and journalist in his recent book. Smith estimates that the number of Africans in Europe will increase from 9 million to between 150 – 200 million within the next 30 years.

In his book, Smith has outlined several scenarios of how things could play out as the situation emerges:

‘Eurafrica’ – the creation of a welcoming multicultural Europe…fully embracing a mixed race land of immigration and interbreeding

Another scenario being:

‘Fortress Europe’ – which is one that involves a battle…generally considered unwinnable or even shameful but which Smith points to as the case which strongly “has its reasons and its chances to succeed”, noting the effectivenesd of Eu deals with Libya and Turkey to stop the influx.

It is clear that the agenda is to completely irradicate white Europe…the true lines of Israel that dispersed into Europe after Assyrian captivity. This is happening to all white Nations of the world. The problem is that most of true Israel…the white European do not even know who they are due to the false teachers within the churches and the Vatican…now the mouthpiece of Satan.


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