They say the UK needs migrants due to our ageing population. These migrants must be very special people who never grow old! They say we need migration as diversity is good for the UK. The English are already an ethnic minority in London and Birmingham. So how much more diversity does the UK need? Will it be enough when the English are 20 percent of the UK population, or 10 percent or no English people left?
They say migration increases the UK wealth. If a migrant gets a job as a Doctor then he will make a contribution. Yet many don’t work especially the woman. Some women see their role as breeding as many children to increase the size of their religion. Most migrants will need their children to be educated, use the NHS, claim welfare, be given free social housing. It cost the NHS over £20 million providing translators last year. Many other European countries charge for this service.
Also due to marriage between close relatives many immigrant children have health problems. We have not seen one prosecution for FGM yet even though a1000 girls a week get this done in the UK. Most migrants are unskilled and so have driven down wages for the British working man. When I go around my home town I see homes with over 20 bin bags put out for collection. This makes me ask how many people are living in these homes. They say Britain is a Nation of Immigrants but this is a blatant lie. The Norman Conquest only increased our population by 5 percent. The Huguenots increased our population only by 50,000. Since 1997 we have had over 30,000 migrants coming in every week. I worked with one migrant who had over 40 brothers and sisters so we are facing a demographic time-bomb. Many of these migrants don’t want to integrate and want to live by their laws and not British Laws.
Sarah Champion M.P pointed out that girls were being groomed in Rotherham and these girls were mainly white girls and some Sikh girls but not any Muslim Girls. She told the truth that those involved were mainly Muslim Pakistani men – not Asians as the press always says.
She was forced to resign and the Rotherham council cried racist. Yet Islam is a religion not a race. One of the councillors for Rotherham attended so called sex parties where these young girls were being abused. Is this how diversity improves the UK? Do the acid attacks in London enrich us or the drug dealing by mainly immigrant children on the London estates? Many of these children live with just a mother due to our welfare system and their fathers not being bothered to stay around.
The UK will not be able to build enough homes to house all these migrants yet even more will come as they have no welfare in the lands they come from or a free NHS. Migration has led to people not being able to get Doctors appointments. It causes more pollution and overcrowding. The only winners are the Multi-Nationals who get cheap workers but the people who own these companies don’t have to live with the migrants.
The answer is only let people into the UK who won’t claim any welfare, who have enough money in the bank to buy their own home and send their children to public schools and use private hospitals. Why should hard working men be taxed to pay for economic migrants to live here? Sarah Cox M.P was pro immigration and we saw what happened she was killed. Yet people with her liberal ideas are destroying our country and what is left of British culture. We should never have given asylum to anybody as all these migrants have safe lands close to home. We also need to end Foreign Aid and use the money to help our ageing population who struggle to pay the fuel bills.
We see Feminists shout about Trump due to the way he treated women in the past. These same feminists are silent when it comes to 1000’s of white working class girls being groomed just because a religion regards them as infidels and worthless!

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