Migration it is a joke

The UK still has an open door immigration policy. When Bismark invented National Security in Germany it was a big ponzi scheme. Germans paid into the scheme but could only cash out when they were 65. Yet no one hardly ever lived to 65. Now we have people and living to past 80 all on state pension.

we still have over 200,000 none EU migrants arriving in the UK every year. Most come from 3rd world shit hole countries that have no welfare, no NHS, no child benefits and no social housing. Many have no allegiance to the UK and many demand Sharia Laws or FGM (No one prosecuted yet for this crime!). Some have 4 wives and over 40 children and get loads in child welfare.

if they wanted Sharia then why move to Uk when Saudi Arabia was closer?

Londonistan is no longer English. THe English are an ethnic minority here just like Luton, Leicester and Birmingham. Our main cities have become no go zones as immigrants with links to Heroin dealers in Afghanistan / Turkey / Pakistan and other Islamic lands have taken over. Vietnamese grow most Cannabis in the UK.

The Uk should not be giving asylum to no one as they are not genuine refugees they are economic and mainly all young men. We don’t owe them a living. Africa has safe lands. The UK gives millions in Aid to Africa.

France is a safe land so anyone arriving from France should have all assets seized and flown back to Africa or which ever 3rd world shit land they come from. You only have to see migrants at Calais throwing stones at trucks or using sticks on each other to ask are these people what we want. Most child refugees look like old men to me.

Many economic migrants use marriage to get into the UK. i am not against anyone coming to the Uk to live as long as they never claim welfare, get free social housing, child benefits, free education for their children or use our NHS for free. The NHS has become an International health service with African women flying in to give birth. Then we have Africans coming here to get free HIV treatment – they should be sent back home.

We owe the EU nothing they owe us for our share in the buildings, art work, wine, inventory etc. Why does EU have 2 parliaments and never had an audit done?

The Uk can establish much better trade deals with our commonwealth countries. The EU was slapping tariffs on goods manufactured cheaply outside the EU and giving money to EU companies that are not profitable and should have gone to the wall.

The fish in our half of the channel are ours, the other side the belong to France. Any foreign fishing boat coming into Uk waters should be destroyed by the Royal Navy. We don’t need free trade we need tariffs on all German and French imports to encourage us to buy British.

If we look at Glenfell fire -Glenfell was in Kensington [the most expensive area of Londonistan] and most residents within were these none EU Migrants. They will get highly subsidised rents yet most wont be working or paying taxes. If they do work it will be cash in hand – washing cars or working in fast food joints. All over south of England we have seen Sheds in gardens converted into bedrooms for immigrants.

We have even given economic somali fakeugees 1 million homes in Londonistan and they get full rents paid. It is a joke. We have Visa over stayer and fake students.

Just look at sewage in Londonistan it shows 1 million more people living in london than official audit. Illegals are not going to declare themselves and it is easy to get fake passport which then gets them a bank account. All illegals must be offered 6 moths to leave by Government then after this deadline must face losing all assets. We need to get tough on migration. These migrants are fleeing lands that have no social security or NHS but they don’t realise that as Uk popultion booms then soon our NHS and welfare state will not exist as it wont be affordable.

Why should migrants be able to live in most expensive part of UK for free? They should never have been let in our country in first place. we even house Jihadi’s near schools or give them jobs as bus drivers – yuo can’t make it up.

we must remember EU planed by count Kalergi and mass migration all planned to create a mixed slave race to serve Jewish Elites. Go to Londonistan now and see all the mutant half-breed Kalergi kids. Even Jewish media is always showing weak white men and black men/white women to brain wash white women into wanting coffee babies.










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