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My most popular books contain a lot of secret esoteric knowledge. I look into the evidence that Saturn was our first Sun.  I explain how the crucifix is just the cube of Saturn unfolded. I explain how the universe could have manifested from nothing as nothing contains everything. I explain why the Bible is a cloak hiding very important facts under the cloak. Jesus is just Zeus but Christ is a sacred secretion. The origin of most religions is India with Brahman becoming Abraham. Adam is the ascending / descending and meridian of the sun the DAY. His madam is eve the evening – or Set like sun set. Set is the underworld. Adams first wife is Lilith is ISIS.

I explain how the Pyramids link to Sumerian Gods. I explain the true nature of consciousness and that reality is not what we see as our senses all have filters.

I explain the occult secrets of numbers and how the Vatican and Freemasons have always known the truth about mans divinity.

books cover Astro-theology, ancient religions, and many other secrets including the dragon blood lines and what the grail really is.


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