Can you explain to me how I can qualify to live in a £2 million pound home in London yet pay a subsidised rent of only £90 a week like many others are doing?

I have worked most of my life and paid a lot in taxes. My grandparent fought for this country in World War 2 and other family members were injured badly on the battle fields.

Most of those who are getting these luxury homes seem to be economic migrants who have passed through safe lands and therefore can’t claim to be asylum seekers or refugees yet should never be in the UK in the first place. The UN rules says quite clearly all refugees must seek asylum in first safe land they enter, so why is this rule ignored? Is this all part of the Kalergi plan? Count Kalergi planned the EU before WW2 with the aim of genocide of all white Europeans by mass migration from Africa and Arab lands to create a mixed race slave race to serve the Jewish Banking elites. Both Junker and Merkel awarded Kalergi prize for helping white genocide. In the 1970’s 1 in 3 people on planet where white now less than 1 in 12. We need a Nuremburg style trial for these traitors!

This also happened in Russia in WW1 when Rothschild’s financed the Bolshevik Revolution. Most Bolsheviks were Jews and not Russians. They wiped out 60 million Russians mainly Christians. This genocide is unknown in the west and books by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn are not available here.

The EU was formed at a secret meeting of the Bilderberg group chaired by Rockefellers. The Rockefellers helped give oil to Hitler without this London could not have been bombed. Rockefellers then formed UN to further global ambition of black nobility banking families.

This plan goes back a long time to 1766 when Rothschild’s formed Illuminati. Crashing planes into tower blocks and blaming it on Bin Laden was latest false flag. Typical problem/ reaction offer a solution to a fake problem you created like more CCTV etc.

I spent 5 years studying electronics yet on leaving University could earn more doing manual work. The UK does not value Engineering like Germany does. We are just service jobs for pen pushes that don’t create wealth. We have people flying into the UK to give birth and others migrating here with HIV to get free treatment or retiring here to use our NHS. None have ever paid a penny in taxes. Is this socialism where they get more than us but never put in to the system? We give the countries they come from millions in aid.

When I was made redundant I had to sell my flat and then because I had £30,000 in bank I could not get any help with my new rent of £525 a month or council tax. So all money i ever worked for and put into a mortgage was slowly eaten away.

In 2016 I got £900 in July in welfare. Worked August and earned just £600. I got new job in November which paid in December. Yet I got no universal credits. If I had not worked I would have had full rent and council tax paid. I would have had £4000 if I stayed on welfare in benefits yet by working only £600 to live on. I thus got into bad debt, lost my job due to stress and now seeking a debt relief order to clear debts. Yet it is the system that penalises working and hits single men with high council tax. Couples can share the rent.

So how do I get that 2 million pound home for £90 a week? This would give me chance to work in the City and get rich using others people’s money to gamble if stock prices go up or down – hedge funds!

We have female genital mutilation parties now happening in the UK. 15 new girls a day have FGM done yet so far not even one prosecution – why not?

Genetic problems caused by people marrying close family members and incest cost out NHS a fortune yet no one speaks about this or the fact we allow some to have more than 1 wife and Sharia courts to set up.

When a company splits up you divide the assets of both companies. The EU owes us for our share of the buildings, art work, wine in the cellars, computers. They never had accounts audited and just gave EU civil servants free credit cards for expenses yet never checked what they spent money on. Now we are expected to pay for EU farming and other things that have nothing to do with UK as we are no longer in this club. Will we get our fishing grounds back as fish in our half of channel belong to us and other side French – yet countries without any coast line use British waters and just one Dutch trawler caught 43 percent of UK quota. When will you end foreign aid until all British poverty has been wiped out and our manufacturing industry is strong again?

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