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Most African Migrants in Europe are all young men and not a demographic mix you would expect if genuine refugees. France is not so lenient with these young men and won’t give them asylum or welfare. Hence they smuggle themselves to the UK. But anybody coming to the UK illegally by back of a lorry should never be offered asylum. These Fraudsters have passed through many safe lands to get to the UK and have ignored the Dublin Accord. Technically Schengen means nothing as once Germany gives an economic migrant a passport they can travel anywhere. Germans don’t seem to tell difference between Syrians, Africans and other Muslims. Yet Saudi Arabia is closer to Syria and takes in no refugees. Africa has plenty of safe lands and a population of 3 billion people. How many more Africans are we going to let in then allow them to bring in family? We are witnessing white genocide in Europe as white people are being out bred.

We have over 1 million illegal migrants and failed asylum seekers in UK many have appealed multiple times and made Lawyers millionaires using tax payers money. These migrants know if they destroy paperwork they can never be sent back. But rule should be no paperwork – no welfare or National Insurance. We should hold all illegal immigrants on old Army bases and feed just basic food. They should have phones and bank cards removed and have no access to Lawyers or Music or TV. Soon they will beg to go home without any female company.


A MIGRANT family has had to downsize from a £2million taxpayer-funded mansion to a £1.3m home after the Government cut benefits.

Jobless Saeed Khaliif, who has not worked since arriving in Britain in 2008, lives in the lavish home with his wife and kids, which is subsidised by the local council. They first moved to West Hampstead, London in 2011 a £2000-a-week pad. Camden Council footed the bill after the family insisted on living in the capital – despite having no ties to the area. The Khaliifs were then forced to move – and have been rehoused in another house worth £1.3m in Kilburn with heavily-subsidised rent.  Mr Khaliif, 53, married to wife Sayida, 46, has up to eight children and lives on benefits. Resident Pedro Rodriguez said: “The council have given them a home of luxury and spent thousands renovating it before they moved in. It’s not right some people are given so much for free when others are struggling.” He said: “The benefits cap was introduced to end abuse of the benefits system. On the face of it, it looks like the council are trying to undermine this sensible policy.” A council source said two of Mr Khaliif’s children have physical disabilities, which makes the family a priority for council housing.

I am sick of Labour councils giving highly subsided rent to beat the welfare cap. Why should migrants be given luxury homes in Londonistan and have them all decorated and rents paid for free. Africa has plenty of safe lands where refugees can claim asylum as required by the Dublin Agreement. Also Turkey and Saudi Arabia are safe lands for Muslims. The Asylum system has become a joke an easy way for the poor in the third world to migrate to the richer countries. We need to stop asylum and foreign aid. I can’t afford to live in Londonistan. Labour had a Gerrymandering Policy to open doors to migrants as most vote Labour. This caused white flight as crime went up. Now English are an ethnic minority in Londonistan and other cities too. It is no wonder economic migrants choose the UK when we give them so much but will this chap ever be able to go out and work?

When will you enforce the welfare cap? I know a family in Daventry who get over £60,000 on welfare she claims to be his carer yet goes on holidays on her own. She also claims incapacity yet when she wins at bingo runs across the dance floor to collect her money. She also claims that most of her children are sick and has been given a free car by the state. Some of her elder children are also playing the welfare game of see what I can claim for.

We should never offer asylum to Africans or Muslims you only have to look at the rapes in Europe. 90 percent of these migrants are all young men not a demographic mix you would expect.

When I lost my job because I only got my mortgage interest paid I had to sell my flat. Then because I had savings above £16,000 I had to pay all the rent myself without any help from the council. Thus all money saved by working and put into a mortgage was lost. If you have money above the threshold you can’t get a social house. People who work and get into rent arrears can’t get social housing. Yet those who never work and the council pay their rents are seen as good choice by council as no rent arrears. The whole council points system is screwed up. I have seen women with immaculate hair saying they are homeless and then getting housing in luxury hotels. I have a friend who got his landlord to write a letter saying he was being made homeless. Yet he was looking after his landlord’s house and could have moved into private accommodation. The council gave him a flat straight away and he moved in with TV and a Computer and has never worked since. His brother went to live in homeless shelter and he got flat straight away and moved in with computer etc.

The council won’t offer me social housing as they say I am adequately housed – but my rent is £595 and Council Tax is over £200 a year. Then you have TV licence etc. If you are single and work you have to pay rent, full council tax, dentist, prescriptions, travel to work etc. I can’t afford to take low paid work with my rent being so high. Rents in social housing are much less and council tax in social housing also much less. A couple who both work only have half rent to find each and half council tax. More needs to be done to help single people.

My old mortgage was £210 and now my rent is £525 which the council pay. Because rent is above £400 I have to apply for a DHP – council say find somewhere cheaper but estate agents and landlords won’t consider the unemployed.

Any young person now who rents and tries to save up for a mortgage will find if they lose their job and have more than £6000 saved then they will not get full rent paid in times of unemployment. So money they are trying to save will go down. Why punish those who are trying to save? Yet many people get away with not working year after year. I volunteer but the other day I rang a job agency and they asked me how old I was! I spent 5 years studying Electronics but could earn more in a warehouse than I did using my Electronics knowledge. Nowadays circuit boards are not repaired and are tested by computer. I would like to see child benefits limited to just 2 children and foreign aid stopped. I also believe we should put tariffs on luxury imports to help our manufacturing industry. Economic migrants who have never worked should go back home but EU citizens who have worked should be able to stay. We need a true National Insurance Policy that pays out what you put in to the system and so protects people with mortgages in times of crisis. Why should freeloaders be able just to play computer games all day and get free social housing?

Also we need to send back all these failed asylum seekers and illegal migrants.

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