Photography Rights

Over 3 times this year as a photographer I have had members of the public telling me not to take photographs. There is no right to privacy in the UK and a photographer can photograph people, their pets and their children, and even a Police Officer on duty as long as on public land. You can’t use telephoto lenses to photograph people on private land. If you want to sell pictures of Trafalgar Square or Parliament Square you need a licence which is expensive. You would also be stupid to photograph the MI5 building for obvious reasons.

Public who hassle photographers are breaking the Law they are stopping photographers doing their business and have no legal right to do so. Even a Police Office can’t delete your photographs without a warrant.

People often say “we don’t know what you are doing with the photographs” as if you are a paedophile. Parents have become paranoid about paedophiles even though less than 1 in 1000 people is. They now drive their children to school even though they live just 5 minutes away; children are not allowed to play out like we did. The truth is most paedophiles will try and get jobs where they can be close to children these tend to be teachers, priests, coaches, scout leaders etc

Some of the Elite do abuse children and often supply children to parties are a sort of “Jim will fix it”! This is not only to do with paedophilia but also satanic rituals.

People object to being photographed yet will walk down a street with over 20 CCTV cameras.

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