post brexit

People say migration has made a positive contribution to the UK yet if you divide our GDP by number of people in the UK you will find it is not going up. Any migrant will create jobs as you need extra people to supply goods and services they need. We must remember migrant’s children get free education and in the future the migrants will grow old then cost out NHS a fortune.
The true cost of immigration to the UK is over 17bn a year, calculated as gap between amount migrants pay in taxes and consume in public services. Plus the quality of life goes down with longer waiting times for Doctors and more polluted roads.
Post Brexit they say we will need more unskilled migrants from abroad! There are thousands of people in the UK who choose not to work and are rewarded for this. They get free social housing, rents and council taxes paid, free dentist, free NHS, free prescriptions, free school meals, free education for their children and to top it all they get a bigger state pension than those of us who work and pay taxes.
Why should this country rob Doctors from abroad this is immoral and denies people living in those countries a skilled worker. We should be training the Doctors here.
They say we will need more skilled workers like Engineers from abroad. What companies want is people with the skills required but they know they can pay people from the 3rd world much less.
I spent 5 years studying Electronics yet after I graduated I could earn more in a warehouse loading vehicles than using my Electronics knowledge.
30 years later and companies don’t need Electronic Technicians as all they need is a so called Service Engineer yet all he does is swap a circuit board or part. This is just swap-tronics and just needs an unskilled worker. Even complex circuit boards can be tested automatically these days using computers.
Companies must remember to study for a degree you lose out on 5 years of wages thus a loss of £65,000. You also now get into debt if you go to University.
Thus you have a shorter working life of about 41 years; just to break even a graduate needs a wage of over £20,000.
It is not financially worthwhile going to University. I just wish students would stop doing this and think about working for themselves this is the only way to have a good life.
By going to University I ended up poor and without status and money. Without status you can’t attract a wife so I have no wife or children. This is the true cost for many who go to University very few get a well paid job and meet a woman also in a good job.
If companies want skilled people why don’t they provide apprenticeships?
The real issue no Government has ever tacked in the last 30 years is why some people are allowed to get away with never working. The leader of Class War lives in a house worth over £500,000 and has never worked. He reminds me of the Socialist Workers who I see in town every week, they too don’t work! When I was made redundant after 8 years at one company I had to sell my flat and then because I had money in the bank from the sale I could not get any welfare, any help with council tax or my new rent which was £525 a month, my mortgage was £210. This is how this country rewards those of us who work.


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