Remainiacs please stop crying crocodile tears

Tim Martin, Chairman of Wetherspoons clearly understands Brexit. To quote his autumn 2018 free magazine.

“By eliminating tariffs on non-EU imports post Brexit, WTO rules say they can be no tariffs, either, on EU imports discrimination is not allowed. Free trade means cheaper food, clothes and will be a boost for trade with poorer none EU countries. We will be better off by £39 billion, offered by the P.M for a deal we never needed. Avoiding a deal we get back our fishing grounds, 60 percent of our fish at the moment are caught by EU boats.

Lower shop and pub prices and no payment to unelected MEP’s of Brussels will make a huge difference. We must remember MEP’s were not allowed to make any laws just pass what was passed down to them by unelected politicians. The EU was planned before World War 2 by Count Kalergi. Readers should research the Kalergi plan.

I for one will now spend more of my cash drinking and eating at Wetherspoons and boycott pro-EU idiots like Superdry and Richard Branson – I won’t use Virgin products.

It would be great to see us become more patriotic and buy things made in the UK once again and build up our Manufacturing base again. The EU owes us money for our share in EU buildings and art work. They also owe us for the satellite project we invested a lot of cash into.



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