remaniacs cant do maths

Dan from London says on your letters page that 35% voted to leave the EU in the EU elections and 40% to stay. Did Dianne Abbott teach this Remainiac maths? What did the other 25% vote for?

We were not in the EU when Queen Victoria was on the throne and Italians came to the UK to sell ice-creams and Germans to work in hotels. So why a need for a EU? The real leaders of Rome were never seen in public they just gave the populous the Circus to keep them distracted. Now we have the TV, but who owns the media and what is behind the propaganda? The EU was planned before the second world war by Count Kalergi – his plan was mass migration from outside the EU to create a new mixed race slave race. The EU was put together at a secret meeting of the Bilderburg’s chaired by Rockefeller whose company Standard Oil helped Hitler. You hardly see anything on the news about the protests against the Rothschild puppet Macron. Cromwell and Churchill also funded by the Rothchilds. It is elite bankers who rule not politicians. They have got rich by financing wars. The EU is just a stepping stone to the One World Government these elite globalists desire. They want to destroy Nations. The EU has destroyed the British car industry, out steel industry and our fishing industry. We have people like Heseltine who are pro EU simply because they give him money – A conflict on interests? London was destroyed by the open door migration policies of Tony Blair who won the Kalergi prize. The English now an ethnic minority and knife crime rampant in the city.

People like Dan can work in the City and get good money in the Service Industries never making anything, and drive a German car. Those of us in the midlands are lucky enough if we can get a job paying the minimum wage. Many countries have voted to leave the EU. But the Cabal just has another vote until the country is forced to stay.

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