Many Russian military planes often stray into UK air space. Clearly these planes are not being piloted by Russians but the Tooth Fairy.

We have seen many people killed in the UK whom the majority seem to be former Russian Agents. The methods used are something out of a James Bond Movie. Whether it is Ricin, Radio-active Isotopes, Nerve Agents or injections or putting someone in a suitcase then cleaning the room of all evidence. Clearly the Tooth Fairy must have a shop where he gets this stuff from!

Yet Putin is unlike former Russian leaders he is a Patriot and a Nationalist not a Communist or Marxist.

Yet why don’t the Russians just use a hit man with a gun? I think they want to observe how we deal with these states of crisis and the methods we use.

Putin though has some good features he kicked out the Rothschild’s from Russia but has probably made enemies doing so.

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