Russian Tooth Fairy

When Russian planes stray into UK airspace especially bombers and fighters, the pilot is not a Russian military man – oh no! He is none other than the Russian tooth fairy. It is the same when submarines go down the UK channel again the captain is this Russian Tooth fairy. The Tooth fairy is very rich has money left for children’s teeth in Russia he collects so has lots of cash.

He has a big log cabin in Siberia which is filled with all sorts of stuff – Radioactive isotopes, Nerve agents, ricin, james bond style equipment, training manuals. The tooth fairy does not age like us mortal men.

What the Tooth fairy hates as he is very Nationalistic is double agents especially those born in Russia.

The tooth fairy could pay to send a hit man to kill these agents but where would the fun be it that.

He wants to test the defence of the country the double agent is living in, see how they solve the clues and if they can detect his crimes.

He wants to cost the host country a lot in money to clean up the radioactivity or nerve agents.

he does not give a shit.

He has killed in London using radiation in tea, in Salisbury with Nerve gas.

Has killed over 20 agents just in the UK.

But what does the Uk do? we let Russians buy expensive homes in London and buy their gas and vodka. We need to stop all trade with Russsia until they stop this daft Tooth Fairy’s antics.

The Tooth Fairy only has one friend he trusts called Mr Nitup a bald man who is a very rich man thanks to his Mafia pals.

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