Should we shop at CO-OP as they fund RED M.P’s getting into power.

In 1917, the co-operative movement decided to establish the Co-operative Party as the most effective way for it to have a political voice inside parliament.

Because of the shared values and historic roots between the labour and co-operative movements, in 1927 the Co-operative Party formed a strategic electoral agreement with the Labour Party which has continued until present day. This has enabled the Co-operative movement to be represented in Parliament and within government when otherwise it would have not.

The Co-operative Party does provide some financial support to the campaigns of individual MPs and Councillors. These candidates are separately selected by local members of both the Labour and Co-operative Parties, and therefore stand for election as ‘Labour & Co-operative’.

There are many Labour MPs who are also members of the Co-operative Party (see below). Labour & Co-operative MPs are those who have been selected by both their local Co-operative Party and Labour Party to stand as an ‘official’ candidate.

Co-operative Party candidates are selected from a National Parliamentary Panel, onto which any Party member can apply. There are currently 37 Labour Co-operative MPs.

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