slow death of Europa

Europeans going anywhere in the world is colonialism. Yet now any one from the world can come and live in Europe and won’t be removed. Other countries still remain the home of those countries. You have to pass a DNA test to migrate to Israel.

Not only have we imported the world but the world’s problems. We have handed to the next generation a society that is chaotic and fractured and unrecognisable.

It is Muslims who have killed other Muslims in Britain for doctrinal reasons. We had a minority Ahmadiyya Muslim shopkeeper killed by a Sunni Muslim for wishing his customers happy Christmas.

Asylum seekers say they are from Syria when they are not, they say they have converted to Christianity, They say they are homosexual yet in heterosexual relationships or say they have right to a family life as they own a cat! Or they say they are child refugees yet look about 30.

The truth is once in the UK they won’t be removed. Most refugees to Europe are economic and most are young men. They only have to go ten miles off the shore of Libya where European ferry services will then bring them to Europe.

Migrants in Calais have broken EU laws to get there. They have not applied for asylum in the first country of entry. This is the Dublin Treaty, it does not give the right to go to the countries with best welfare package, free housing etc.

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