I started work with a new company more than 6 months ago. I have noticed that at least two of the women who hold good jobs within the company are what I call Snow Flakes.

Snow Flake women 1 – Friend had invited her over for a free Chinese take-away meal at her friends house. Yet Snowflake didn’t want to go because she would have to wash up her plate.

What is wrong with people if I was offered a free meal I would be ever so grateful and would help friend not just wash up but do some cleaning of house. This Snowflake had a dishwasher. I don’t have a dishwasher it is me!

Snow Flake women 2 – opened company fridge in canteen and some food had gone mouldy but was contained within a plastic bag.  She looked like she was having kittens and closed fridge door. Was she going to do this de ja vu every day if offending food was still there? I opened fridge grabbed food and put in bin – how hard was that?

When Hasler was a young boy about 10 his mum let him go out on his own often for a whole weekend – he would often take a boat across from Uk to Isle of Wight or tent or do something outdoors. He became leader of the SBS. What hope is there now when parents don’t even let their children play?

We need National Service otherwise these poor cotton wool wrapped snow flakes are going to be everywhere.


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