SO called Socialists

I know several so called socialists but what they all have in common is they are PARASITES. THEY DONT WORK.

They get given free social housing, free rents ,free council tax, free dental and NHS treatment all from contributing nothing to society. Some well known artists have made money whilst not working from writing books or doing graffiti – one of these recently tried to bribe voters by saying if you don’t vote this way you can have one of my works of art. He should be in jail not collectimg his money from the BANK or SKI-ing. Has the Government ever tried to get back welfare paid to these so called artists when really they were working as self employed artists.

Yes the Socialists dont work nor do they contribute to society funny isn’t it. I have witnessed socialist worker using threatening behavoir to stop Farage giving a talk in my town.

They won’t listen to your arguments that socilism is a stepping stone to communism and under comunism you are a slave as the state owns everything and you cant even grow your own food. If you challenge teir open border issues they will chant RACIST to shut down debate. Yet they act like fascist throwing stones and using violence. Why is Israel and Saudi taking in no migrants. Any migrant in Calais has no right to come to the Uk they are broken EU rules Dublin treaty – they are meant to claim asylum in first safe country. I would argue that Africa has safe lands so why should Europe have nay. Yet it was all planned by Count Kalergi for Genocide of European – Khazarian Mafia behind this. Try and tell socialist that Bolshevik Jews killed 20 million Christians in Russia.

So the Uk should end the welfare state and the NHS then all the parasites would have to get a job and we would lose the magnet effect for migrants who also get free homes and welfare when they get none back where they come from.


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