Stop moaning and get active.

We have English people moaning about too many immigrants or losing their jobs yet same people drive German cars and buy French wine. Don’t buy any French farmed product. Even better get an allotment and grow your own food. Don’t buy things not made in the UK. Boycott Halal and any shop employing economic migrants from Africa and Third World Countries like fast food places and car washes.

We have to get much smarter. migration was all planned for white genocide and EU planned before world war 2. See Kalergi plan. We need to boycott Zionist banks owned by Rothschild’s.

Even better join a Political Party that looks after the English. [ sooN Sweden and France will be Islamic republics do you want that to happen to us?]

Londonistan now has a minority English population like Birmingham , Luton, Leicester.

Labour party is a Communist party. Green party should be called water melon party. Liberals/ Social democrats / Progressives are all the same it is just another name for parties that support the communist agenda.

Yet under communism you are a salve and don’t own anything. You can’t grow your own food.


Africa has safe lands so we should have no African economic migrants or let them into our land to use our NHS to give birth for free it is not an International Health Service.

Saudi has Sharia Laws so why don’t Muslim refugees go to Saudi – it is closer to Syria and Iran and Afghanistan than Germany and UK.


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