Stop the freeloading

One thing I think needs sorting in the Uk is freeloading. The Government is debating University Fee’s. Yet some just go to University to party and not learn anything. They will finish University and probably go on welfare. They will never have to pay anything towards tuition costs. Foreign students gettign a loan from a British bank will go back to their home land and the money can then never be recovered – they should have to get a loan in country of origin. We have people who never work who pay nothing towards the NHS. We have others who never work who get free social housing, welfare, rents paid, council tax paid, free dentist etc. Not one Government has ever tackled this issue on people who can work but choose not to. I know some who have not worked in over 15 years and never registered with any job agencies. People who steal using other people bank cards, the bank know the address of the criminal but this is never followed up on. Many migrants come to the UK but back in their lands; they get no welfare, no free housing and not even free education. So why is the Uk obliged to provide something for them? If they come from Africa Israel was much closer and Africa has many safe lands. How many safe lands must you pass through to get to the UK. I am not against anyone coming to the UK as long as a few caveats are met. They should use only private hospitals, private schools, claim no welfare and get no social housing. Once they have paid taxes for 5 years then they become eligible for these perks. I would not give none working British or woman who get pregnant free flats. I would build warden controlled hostels with a dorm, shared kitchen, shared lounge, then they could not use drugs etc. In the old days councils visited their properties and anyone involved in amoral things were evicted – this needs to be done again. Those choosing not to work should be moved out into warden controlled hostels.

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