For many years now China has been dumping steel on world markets at prices lower than it costs to make. As soon as the competition has been destroyed they will then increase the price to the true market value. The EU puts tariffs on food imported from outside the EU making food more expensive for poorer people. The EU also props up unsustainable farms though the CAP policy. We have seen most of our utility companies and airports took over by foreign firms some state sponsored – yet the same counties would never allow UK companies to buy their utility companies.

I once worked for a lift company employing over 2000 people. The American company Otis took over the company then the company was closed down just to wipe out a competitor.

We need tariffs on all German and French imports and the money used to rebuild British Manufacturing. There are many areas in England with lots of empty houses due to no jobs in these areas. Outside the EU we could grow food in Africa then ship to the UK making food cheaper for all. The UK has allowed in millions of economic migrants from third world countries. Many of these are given free homes in London; they get welfare, rents paid council taxes paid and free use of our NHS. Yet most never contribute to our economy. They use the ruse refugee yet Africa has safe lands and Saudi Arabia is closer to Syria. How many safe lands must one pass through to get to the UK? We have no obligation to these economic migrants and asylum must be stopped. We should also stop giving free homes to none working people and child benefits. Everyone even if unemployed must be made to contribute to our NHS. We could also end Foreign Aid – at the moment we give it to an African country that then uses the cash to sponsor an English football team advertising this country. Also why should countries with Nuclear power get British aid? Or help for pop stars in Africa? Just like Rome we have created a system that will destroy England and the English. People like me in low paid jobs are taxed just so economic migrants can live in London for free.

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