the 7.7 bombings

Regarding the 7/7 bombings in London

In the first year the government, police, and newspapers claimed the 4 terrorists had caught the 07:40 train from Luton. Yet this train had been cancelled. So the story was changed to the 07:25 train. If they caught a later train than 07:40 they could never have blown up the targets.
The 4 bombers caught the 07:40 train from Luton – The Telegraph
Hasib Hussian shown on CCTV mounting stairs at Luton to catch the 07:40 : The Times
A New Zealander reported 2 suicide bombers being shot at 10:30 am outside Canary Wharf.
We have at least 3 of the 4 suicide bombers being shot dead at Canary Wharf and know they were not on the tube trains that blew up. It was an inside job by MI5 / Mossad to get support for Blair’s fake war on terror.
The way to carry out a false flag is by running a Police or Military drill so the real perpetrators are harder to identify. In May 2004, BBC Panorama on TV. The scenario what if 4 suicide bombers detonated bombs under 3 underground trains and a bus at Tavistock Square [Where the actual bus blew up]. The people are always shown what is going to happen in the future. A drill was taking place on 7/7 the same day the bombs went off. On 911 a drill was being done. What are the odds of this happening?


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