As seen all over Europe during New Years Eve…. this is Islam. This is Taharrush:
Taharrush is the Arabic word for the phenomenon whereby women are encircled by groups of men and sexually harassed, assaulted, groped, and raped.  It turns out this pastime — gang-rape — hails from the Arab-Muslim world, and has a specific name: “Taharrush.” Rapes in Sweden and Denmark are now at epidemic rates and blonde Swedish women now dye their hair black. In Muslim countries women who have been raped have to marry their rapists or face being stoned to death. Married women can’t be raped by their husbands.

David Cameron has rubber stamped welfare changes that will allow Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers to bring in multiple wives and broods of kids if they were married like that in their Islamic homeland.

But over in mainland Europe things are even worse where there has been accounts in Holland where child brides aged 12 have been also allowed in.

Days ago came the report that authorities in one Denmark area where allowing child brides kept separate, to go and stay with their older husbands over the weekends. Yes men in their 20`s 30`s or 40`s could have sex at the weekend with 12 year old girl wife.

Just imagine if Europeans tried that on all hell would break out.

Now it seems in Norway child brides of the age right down to 11 years old have been among those who have sought asylum in the country during 2015.

Whilst Europe allows in volumes of young fighting fit Muslim males it is madness to think that many will just drop old country habits and customs now that they live in the West.

90 percent of the migrants that entered the EU are young Muslim men or Africans. At least 60 percent of them are just economic migrants.

Clearly one such custom of men marrying a girl aged 12 will not go away. The abusive cultural practices will continue behind closed doors in the ever growing Islamic ghettos.

As many Imams have stated, if their prophet married a girl then it is acceptable to do the same. In fact just two years ago, the Grand Mufti of Egypt stated that there was nothing wrong in marrying a 12 year old girl to a man if she was capable of conceiving.

We have seen the grooming of very young English girls by mostly Muslim men in the UK. They see nothing wrong with sex with young girls but only seem to groom none Muslim girls.

Such is the disgusting perception that many weak pathetic liberal minded politicians and political parties in Europe along with the EU are importing in to our society on a massive scale.

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