The Labour Party

Not only are the Labour Party Anti-Semitic. Quite a few years ago they tried to legalise Paedophilia by forming an alliance with the PIE. Under Tony Blair the Labour Party had an open door immigration policy that lowered wages of working men and caused white flight from major cities. The man who lived in my flat before me was a Labour Councillor and died in jail after trading images of children on the dark web. Many other Labour Councillors have been caught at work using work computers to look at child porn.

There has been a major attack on Christian morality and family values in the UK through violent video games and films. Hollywood is promoting drug taking, glorifying crime and murder, sex, infidelity and anything to make society sick. We know see an epidemic of knife crimes.

In the old days Cadbury a Quaker family with morals built a perfect place to live for workers called Bourneville. It had no crime thanks to no alcohol being allowed to be consumed on the streets. Other people wanted to live in the area as it was so nice. Cadbury said OK but if you ever sell your house then you sell it back to us at the same price you purchased it for. Labour is not the party of the working man the only people I know who vote Labour tend to be those who have not worked in the last 15 years but still get a free social flat, rent and council tax paid, welfare and free NHS. No political party has ever done anything about these parasites who just prefer to play video games all day long and not contribute anything to society.

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