The land of Eldorado.

We live in such a great country that people from all over the world want to live here. You can retire here and despite the fact you have never paid a penny in tax you get free NHS treatment. Migrants are given free homes in most expensive parts of London with rents paid and council tax paid and other benefits. They would not get any of these if they stayed in their country of origin. Prisoners get much better meals than those in hospital. There is no incentive to do well at school as the system will provide free social housing, welfare and child benefits and a free NHS. Yet those of us who work and get made redundant and have to sell our properties get no welfare and are banned from social housing due to having money in bank from the sale. Thus slowly all the money you worked for and put into a mortgage is used up. We have people in social housing who can afford luxury cars. Why are the rich given social housing likewise why are people who choose never to work given free housing? We need a country where everyone has to pay something towards the NHS and that the workshy don’t get all their rent money paid.

I am not against immigration just economic migration. People who can afford to pay for their children to be educated and not use the NHS and not claim benefits should be allowed to come in but not economic migrants.

We can see the result of immigration with scooter gangs robbing people in London and drugs gangs killing each other. The irony is where many of these gangsters come from the Police would beat them up in the streets if back in their country of origin. Immigration may have produced more places to eat out in but has lead to over crowded streets and a fear to shop in the high street. My Granddad fought for this country in World War 2 to stop us being invaded. We have been invaded by German cars and our country full up with migrants. I worked with one Muslim migrant who had over 40 brothers and sisters. So we can see that it is only a matter of time before the English are an extinct race and our history and culture forgotten. Why did the EU allow the Dublin Accord when Africa has many safe lands and Saudi Arabia has Sharia laws that Muslim migrants want?



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