The real holocaust

I recently walked though the alley past the Guildhall and was admiring the nice bronze statues. I noticed that you also have a Holocaust Memorial plaque in the court yard. I support this but find it amazing that the biggest Holocaust of the last century is never mentioned. Solzhenitsyn wrote some good books on this subject but they are not available in the West as those involved in the Bolshevik Revolution hold positions of power in the West. The Bolshevik revolution was financed by Jewish bankers like the Warburg’s in New York and many others. Trotsky [Not his real name] left New York with millions of dollars in a suitcase. Karl Marx [again not his real name] was also a major player. It was not Russians that killed and tortured Christians in Russia but the Elite Jews in Russia.[Khazars]

Ironically many years later some Germans who would run camps for the Nazi’s, travelled to Russia to learn “Torture Skills”.

When World War 2 began before the Germans had made any camps, some Jews were calling for the extermination or sterilisation of all Germans.

The Tzar of Russia had been killed in the Bolshevik Revolution but 10 years prior to this they had a failed coup. Many Jews left Russia for Germany and were looked after so well they became very rich.

Churchill was funded by the Rothschild’s and helped create the Balfour Agreement which is what persuaded the USA to join WW1 on the side of the British.

The last time I read my Bible Isaac had a son called Jacob who changed his name to Israel. Israel was never a country. The British had no right to give over Palestine to the Rothschild’s. It does not belong to the Jews but the Palestinians.

We must remember that Hitler was helped by the Ford Company, Shell, IBM, AT&T, Bush family, Rockefeller’s yet none of these were ever put on trail at Nuremburg.

The EU was planned by a Freemason called Count Kalergi. His dream was mass migration from outside the EU to create a slave race for the Jewish elite bankers. The same bankers [who financed Bolsheviks] who want communism because under communism the state owns all but the banks own the state. Money stolen from Russia was used by the Rothschild’s to set up the Federal Reserve to control the USA.

We can see how the Kalergi plan is working if we look at Northampton. Our Town is full of Somali’s. Yet Africa is a giant continent with many safe lands. So how do they get to the UK? They travel up Africa through safe lands. Then an organisation called IsraelAid helps them cross the Mediterranean Sea. They are picked up by German NGO’s. Both Blair and Merkel awarded the Kalergi prize for helping to destroy nations of Europe and Christianity. The UK should not be giving anyone asylum or any Foreign aid. All aid is for is to make them richer so they can migrate to the UK and send money back so more can come. Both Israel and Saudi are close to Somalia so why are they not taking in the so called refugees and diversifying. Arab, Asian, African, Jewish lands are not being made to diversify but all white lands are.

The EU and UN are both just stepping stones to a New World Order – One World Government.

The Kalergi plan and open door migration has led to thousands of woman being raped or groomed across Europe.

When I was made redundant i had to sell my flat then could not get welfare or apply for social housing even though I paid taxes for many years as a working man. I know some given free council flats who have never worked in over 15 years. In my view social housing should only be for working people, not single mothers or freeloaders or economic migrants. These migrants don’t get welfare, free housing, free NHS or even free education where they come from. Most are not fleeing any wars as there is no demographic mix – they are all young men. Once in UK they will never be removed and they will be homed in luxury homes in Londonistan. They will get loads in welfare for having lots of children and 4 wives. Yet the working English will be taxed more to pay for this so they can’t afford a family. This is the Soft Genocide of the English that is going on. Soon England like France and Sweden will be Islamic republics. All planned long ago by Kalergi. My Granddad fought in a war to stop this island being invaded. His Generation were lied to as Politicians have allowed open door immigration – especially the communist Labour party.

Please note the first Jews were from Ethiopia and black. Semite refers to a group of languages.

So can we have a holocaust memorial to those killed by the Bolsheviks please? Also those killed in Ukraine and Algerians’ killed by the Turks.


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