The UK and land for freeloaders.

Many people I know have never worked in the last ten years.Yet despite this they get free social housing, rents paid, most council tax paid, free dentist, free NHS and free eye tests and free glasses. I know some on welfare who still get over £50,000 a year plus a free car. They say they are their wives carer yet wife takes 3 holidays a year on her own to America and so called carer is out on his own playing skittles. Even kids get free taxi rides to school paid by taxpayers. These scum think it is the Government who gives them the money yet it comes from taxes from those who work. Many people get free social housing by getting pregnant or the ruse of saying they are homeless yet move in with TV’s and computers. By having loads of kids they can get a big free house bigger than a graduate could get with a mortgage plus loads in child benefits. Countries like China and Japan do so well as they have no welfare system or social housing so kids study hard at school. We can see by number of chavs on UK streets who just get free money that something is very wrong. Many of these scum vote socialist parties like Labour party yet contribute zilch to society. Ironically those who work and lose jobs are sent on Job courses to get a new job but long term unemployed just need to do one course then system just ignores them. DHSS staff never check if they have applied for jobs and if they cite asthma despite a smoking habit they can avoid manual work.

we need to stop giving child benefits completely. Social housing should only be provided to those who work. Single mothers can be homes in hostels with bunk beds and a community room. We need to encourage working. All long term unemployed should be made to attend job clubs 9am till 6pm every day until they find work. we need to stop this free loading once a for all. we have economic migrants given 1 million pound homes in Londonistan. Tower blocks in Kensington are full of economic migrants who never work. THE FREE LOADERS MUST BE STOPPED.

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