time to end foreign aid – sack the DFID ministers

Disgraced foreign aid firm which made huge profits after receiving money from the Government is free to apply for MORE taxpayer-funded work
Adam Smith International was lambasted by MPs for overcharging for aid work
Withdrew from submitting new bids after revelations if falsified testimonials
Department for International Development cleared ASI to bid for new contracts
Panorama alleged funds from ASI aid projects in Syria ended up with terrorists

A disgraced foreign aid firm which made huge profits on the back of taxpayer funding could be awarded even more contracts by the Government.
Adam Smith International was lambasted by MPs last year for ‘acting improperly’ by profiteering – overcharging for handling foreign aid work.
It withdrew from submitting any new bids for work after revelations that the company had falsified testimonials from beneficiaries. It also emerged their taxpayer-funded work in Nigeria had led to electricity consumers facing huge price rises.
The firm is understood to be one of those highlighted by former international development secretary Priti Patel for ‘excessive profiteering’. Its latest accounts show income of £154million and profits of £17.9million.
Despite these failings, the Department for International Development has now cleared the way for ASI to apply for new contracts.
The firm submitted its first new bid at the end of January.
DfID admits it cannot legally refuse to consider any bid, or decide not to grant a contract on the basis of previous mistakes.
The news comes weeks after a BBC Panorama investigation alleged funds from one of ASI’s aid projects in northern Syria have ended up in the hands of terrorist organisations. The firm strenuously denies these claims.
The foreign aid sector has been hit by a series of scandals over the past fortnight, amid allegations that Oxfam aid workers used prostitutes in earthquake-hit Haiti.

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