Time to kick ruskie bear up the ass

Tom Marcus spent a decade tailing Russian, Chinese, IRA and Islamist threats on the UK’s streets and says the Kremlin’s agents are Britain’s most formidable opponents. One senior Russian agent turned a ‘pretty blonde’ Briton in her twenties and convinced her to seduce an engineer working on a top secret tech project before stealing his research, Mr Marcus has revealed. The spy, codenamed Dirty Boot by MI5, learned of her crippling student debt and promised to pay it all off and bankroll a new life for her in Moscow. But he would later be caught with the sensitive documents in his trousers after Marcus and his team watched the handover from the woman in a petrol station near Wisley, Surrey. The Russian was deported the following morning and the girl, codenamed Hungry Worm, was arrested but avoided prosecution after sharing everything she knew about Dirty Boot.

We need to expel all Russians from the Uk and seize all their assets. Stop all trade with Russia we dont need their crappy Vodka. Why would Uk want to invade Russia it ia a cold freezing place and woman look ugly as sin. If we can get rest of EU to stop importing Russian gas and Electric then this will be much better.

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