Time to make work pay??

If I was not working I would get £78 week welfare. £105 rent paid per week. £20 Council Tax paid. This equals £203. If we divide £203 by number of hours in a week we get an income of £1.20 an hour. This is the minimum it excludes free prescriptions, free dentist, free eye tests and glasses.

I am working and take home £250 a week. I then have to pay my rent of £105 and Council Tax of £20. This leaves £125. This gives an income (when you divide by 168 [hours in a week]) of just 75 pence per hour. I then have to pay for my prescriptions and dentist etc.

It is no wonder that over 30 percent of people in social housing where I live are choosing not to work. And many have been given free housing as well.

I know many who have never worked and they were given free social housing flats. Some said they were homeless to jump the housing waiting lists yet move in with TV’s and computers and other electronic equipment. Many have never worked in over 10 years. They have never registered with any job agencies nor do Job Centre staffs ever check if they have applied for any work. Surely you know who the long term unemployed are? Why are these freeloaders never made to work? As a tax payer I am sick of paying for lazy English who don’t work and economic migrants who are given free homes in expensive areas of Londonistan. These none workers get free NHS yet never pay into the system and full state pensions.

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