Too Soft on criminals

We live in a world with a lot of online fraud and scams. In most cases people who use someone else’s credit card or debit card online get away with it. The company they used to buy the services or goods from won’t reveal the criminals name or address the goods were shipped to due to the data protection act. This should be called criminals protection act. If they revealed name and address we could go round and give them a baseball lesson!!!!

The data protection act stops the DHSS finding out if unemployed are applying for jobs – they just say they applied for such a job in the paper but never really have wrote or rang up about any job. All unemployed should be made to attend job clubs 9am to 5pm every day to stop them freeloading off the rest of us.

Then we have drug dealers making a fortune a Judges let them keep their wealth and payback a pound a week. We have people too drunk when driving to give a breath test and judges let them off – you could not make it up or they say I don’t know if it was me or partner driving if speeding. I would simply say shows poor mental ability so i am banning you from driving until medical checks done.

With drug dealers then the rack would be brought back and the drug dealer stretched until bones pulled out of sockets or they reveal gang members names. Then the gang members brought in and same would happen to them. Finally they would be executed and organs used in organ transplants. We need to stop looking after criminals and giving them free food and a bed in jail. In America one prison warden gave them just 1 TV station Disney, made them wear pink boiler suits and break rocks in the hot sun. No one has returned to his jail unlike Uk jails that see career criminals going back time and time again.

When it comes down to Jihadists if caught they would not like it as they would not be waterboarded but pork – pie boarded. Tied down on rack and stretched just the same but made to drink alcohol and eat pork sausages and pork pies. Jihadists can’t stand pork or alcohol. TO deal with a bully you use a bigger bully to bully him. Jihadists also don’t like being shot by women as they don’t go to heaven and pick up 22 virgins for their Satanic acts.

Does Allah make more virgins for them when they have used them up? What do the Virgin parents think about giving their daughter to terrorists? most likely these virgins are nerds or big fat ugly women or maybe not even human?

Jihadists should not be put in prison and given halal food this is too good for these scam bags. No put them to work on pig farms – cleaning the pigs out and they get to eat some of the products they grow on the farm all none Halal of course.



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