In 1917 another attempt was made to overthrow the Czar using financial muscle of the Rothschild Jewish banks. Two Jews who financed the Bolshevik revolution were Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg with help of Rothschild banking houses. Trotsky was born Lev Davidovich Bronstein. Lenin was Hiam Goldmann.
These Jewish Bolsheviks controlled 150 million Christians in Russia.
Jews made up 80 percent of the Cheka Agents.
Russian Christians were placed in boxes with only limbs sticking out so hungry rats would eat them.
Schiff received 102,290,000 dollars from Trotsky.
In 1902 Jews killed the minister of the interior in Russia, 1904 the premier, 1905 Grand Duke Sergei, 1906 General Dubrassov, 1911 Prime Minister Peter Stolypin.
The Young Turk movement responsible for the fall of the Ottoman Empire which led to the genocide of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians, was created by Jews. They belonged to the Donmeh, crypto-Jews who converted to Islam to hide their true identity.
Gavrilo Princip was part of this Jewish led Young Turk Movement [Jewish Freemasons] and he assassinated Franz Ferdinand. The Rothschild’s Illuminati did 911 to get Christians to attack Muslims.
The Illuminati use Problem, Reaction, and Solution to control us. They create a fake war on terror to get the solution they want which is more security and more CCTV. More bomb attacks the public demands CCTV and gives the Illuminati more control. Illuminati wanted to attack Iraq but first you have to get the public to hate Muslims by false flag attack on twin towers etc.
3 men who tried to stop the central bank in America all died on the Titanic, JFK and Lincoln wanted to print dollars which would have killed the Federal Reserve [This is not the Bank of America but owned by the Rothschild’s]. Over 80 other people were killed after the assassination of JFK to cover the crime done by the Rothschild’s Illuminati.
The EU was created at a secret Bilderburg meeting chaired by David Rockefeller. The Rockefellers supplied Hitler with chemicals without these his bombers could never have bombed England.
The EU and United Nations were all part of the plan a stepping stone towards the New World Order to be controlled by the Zionists. Even mass migration was planned from outside the EU to create a mixed slave race for the Jewish elite to control – see Kalergi plan. Kalergi is the father of the EU and politicians who help this white Genocide like Merkel are awarded the Kalergi prize.




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