ACCORDING to the fashionable Left-wing propaganda, mass immigration is a vast engine of prosperity.

The cheerleaders for open borders continually tell us that without a colossal influx of new arrivals every year our economy would collapse.

In this narrative of migrant success, newcomers are lavished with praise for their skills, diligence and self sacrifice while Britons are denigrated for supposed idleness and ignorance.

Typical of this mentality was the repugnant sneer from the liberal commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, where she lambasted working-class Britons for being “too lazy” and “too expensive”.

Continuing her attack, she declared that “tax-paying immigrants past and present keep indolent British scroungers on their couches drinking beer and watching TV”.

In the same vein, Henrietta Moore of the Institute for Global Prosperity at University College, London, condescendingly wrote that “Britain needs immigrants to do the jobs we don’t want to” – words that have become conventional wisdom among metropolitan elitists.

But such claims have always been a myth designed to prop up the globalist ideology.

The truth is that non-European immigrants are much more likely to be workless and welfare dependent than Britons.

Now this reality has been confirmed by a new analysis from the Office for National Statistics, which reveals that more than one in five unemployed is an immigrant.

Of the latest jobless total of 1,457,000, 21.7 per cent, no less, is made up of migrants.

While levels of unemployment for British and EU citizens are roughly the same at about four per cent, the rate is far higher for people from outside Europe at 6.2 per cent.

These findings make a mockery of all the snobby, anti-British, Left-wing rhetoric about the supposedly greater dedication of immigrants.

“They come here to work” is one of the favourite mantras of the free movement brigade yet that is patently untrue.

The Government’s latest official immigration report, published in May, shows that of the 588,000 migrants who arrived here last year, just 47 per cent of them – less than half – came to work. Incredibly, just 180,000, barely 30 per cent, had a definite job offer.

It is the economics of the madhouse for Britain to be importing unemployment on such a scale.

The last thing this country needs is a growing army of foreign welfare claimants who have never paid any taxes here but are all too eager to exploit our benefits system.

Swollen migrant dole queues explain why the Government has found it so hard to reduce the social security bill, despite a series of tough reform measures. This year, the overall cost of welfare – excluding pensions – is to rise to £114.4billion, up from £111.5billion last year.

The generosity of the system is also one of the prime reasons why so many young African, Middle Eastern and Asian men gather on the northern coast of France, determined to reach our shores.

They know that Britain is the softest of touches for freeloaders.

Addicted to their dogma of multicultural diversity, Left-wingers do not like such facts, preferring to wallow in their fantasy land.

Ironically, however, their own campaigns provide further irrefutable evidence for the economic failure of immigration.

In their manufactured self-righteous fury, they continually wail about the discrimination, poor housing and deprivation endured by people from migrant communities.

Thanks partly to their noisy agitation, the British state is now awash with positive action programmes and job schemes for ethnic minorities.

But if migrants were really the driving force behind economic growth, as the open border fanatics pretend, then there would be no need for all this bureaucratic intervention.

The Left’s politically-correct posturing contradicts its economic theorising. Despite all the deceit from the globalists, virtue signallers and metropolitan chatterers, it is clear that the social revolution in Britain, fuelled by undiluted immigration, is exacting a heavy economic price.

Apart from unemployment, there is also the huge burden imposed on our creaking infrastructure.

Once again, the Left bleats about the growing strain on the health service but blindly refuses to recognise that soaring demand from the relentless migrant flood tide is a major factor.

Then there are the tremendous costs from worsening social dislocation caused by the import of alien cultures. Whether it be intelligence to counter jihadism, police work to tackle sex gangs, or educational initiatives to promote de-radicalisation, all this takes time and money which would not have to be spent if Britain were a more cohesive society.

Just as damaging has been the fall in living standards caused by competition from cheap imported labour.

It has been remarkable to see the unholy alliance between socialists and big business in favour of mass immigration, both of them glorying in cuts to wages and the destruction of traditional working-class solidarity.

But the biggest absurdity of all is the denial of our greatness as a nation.

We pioneered the Industrial Revolution, won two world wars and built the NHS before the era of mass immigration.

The idea that we cannot survive without dependency on foreigners is an indicator of institutionalised self-loathing.

It has to stop if we are to regain control of our national destiny.

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