UK IS A Small overpopulated island -close the border.

The radio silence surrounding Britain’s post-Brexit migration policy is worrying Brexiteers – and now rumours are swirling that the government could be about to totally sell-out and offer Brussels a migration policy similar to the current freedom of movement that the British people rejected so overwhelmingly.

Now The Independent reckon that the policy on the table could involve visa-free travel for EU migrants, that they could have a distinct path for being able to stay and work, with some vague ability for the government to restrict migration.

An EU source is even quoted as saying: “The British have said that this idea could get things moving again, and that it looks very similar to free movement. We will see.”

Let’s be absolutely clear. The British people voted for an end to open borders lock, stock and barrel. A retreat towards anything that resembles the current mass migration policy would be an utter betrayal.

It really is quite simple: the public expect the government to deliver their pledge of reducing migration to the tens of thousands net per year. To deliver that, unskilled migration needs to be massively cut down. That can only be done with an Australian-style points system that allows people into the country based on the needs of the economy.

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